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Yvonne, Kareene and Luke

Choral Director: Yvonne Giltinan
Yarra Gospel was founded in 2004 by Yvonne Giltinan. She brings professional experience as a Director of Music in schools in Hobart and Darwin and as a choral conductor in communities throughout Australia. Her passion for gospel music and her infectious enthusiasm sets the tone for Yarra Gospel. She is also a Careers Consultant with a masters degree in Career Development.

Associate Conductor: Kareene Deppeler
Kareene has enjoyed a long career as a music teacher and choral director at MLC. In 2014 she took her touring choir to compete in Europe with great success.

Accompanist: Luke Speedy-Hutton

Luke's work as a composer has been highly regarded by the arts community for a number of years. In addition he has recently completed a masters degree in Composition. Luke plays the piano for various ensembles and works as a librarian for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Our tenors and basses appreciate his singing and teaching expertise. 


Together the music team build a positive and encouraging atmosphere that is combined with a sense of fun.


Yarra Gospel committee and volunteers
An enthusiastic group of volunteers assist with the choir's activities at rehearsals, performances, special events and suppers.